HAPPY PRESIDENT'S DAY!!! President Washington had the misfortune of tooth loss from the age of 22. Contrary to the common myth that he had dentures made of wood, his dentures were actually made of ivory and gold and were made by his loyal dentist, John Greenwood.

Enjoy this weather and stay hydrated!!! Did you know that saliva is 99% water? When you are low on saliva, you will most likely experience dry mouth – a condition that makes it hard to swallow and chew because of a lack of saliva. Saliva is your mouth’s first defense against tooth decay. It washes away leftover food, helps you swallow with ease and keeps your teeth strong by washing them with calcium, phosphate and fluoride. When your saliva supply runs low, dry mouth may also put you at risk for tooth decay. By drinking enough water, you help prevent dry mouth and ensure that your saliva is produced at an optimal rate.

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