At our practice, we love to see children from the moment they begin teething. Education and prevention are key in establishing a good foundation for a child’s dental health. When breakdown of baby teeth is significant, or cooperation is difficult for the child, Dr. Heck works with some amazing Pediatric Dentists who can offer an array of services to treat children in a warm and caring environment.

Your child’s first visit to our office should take place as soon as their baby teeth emerge. Regular dental checkups are important to help keep your child’s baby teeth health. Healthy baby teeth lead to healthy permanent teeth. Your child’s permanent teeth are developing under their baby teeth so any decay present may also damage them.

Pediatric dentistry is geared toward making your child’ visit easy and stress free. Pediatric Dentists are trained and experienced in making your child feel at ease and giving them the best care possible. By beginning your child’s checkups early, you are giving them head start on healthy teeth and gums.


When patients require movement of their teeth into more ideal position, whether for cosmetic reasons or for a better bite, orthodontic treatment is often needed. Many adults, as well as children, are pursuing orthodontics with the advent of Invisalign, Clear Braces, and other advances in the field. Dr. Heck works with some fantastic Orthodontists in the South Austin Area, and often works together with those specialists to achieve a goal that he wants for his patients.

Today’s orthodontics is very different than just a few years ago. While traditional dentures which use wires and screws are still used, more and more doctors are opting for less invasive options like Invisalign and Clear Braces. These use clear trays which are fitted over your teeth and move your teeth into place over time. Besides the obvious benefit of having no hardware in your mouth, Invisalign and Clear Braces can be worn during the day or night, and removed for eating and so you can brush and floss.

As your teeth move into place, you will receive a new set of trays about every two weeks. Once your teeth are in place, the doctor may have you wear a set of trays at night for maintenance. Invisalign and Clear Braces are suitable for children, teens, and adults.

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