Best Ways to Stop a Toothache

A toothache is one of the worst kinds of pain one can experience. It makes speaking, eating and sleeping very difficult. A toothache occurs when the pulp of a tooth swells due to decay, trauma or a gum infection. It is fundamental to learn the best ways to stop a toothache, before you head to your dentist. Trusted dentist, Dr. Heck, shares his insights on toothache relief and possible treatments to address a toothache.

Brush and Floss your Teeth

Sometimes, a toothache is caused by particles of food that have paved their way into a cavity. Try to brush your teeth thoroughly; giving attention to the affected tooth. Floss around the affected area too. Remove any food debris that’s become lodged between teeth for temporary pain relief. Finish off with a mouthwash, so your mouth is thoroughly cleansed.

Take Medication for Pain Relief

Over the counter drugs like ibuprofen and aspirin can provide immediate relief for a toothache. However, make sure to read the instructions on the packaging and to take only the recommended dosage. You may call your dentist too, he can give you advice on what medication to take

Apply Ice or a Cold Pack on your Cheek

Cold temperature will ease the pain, apply cold compress on the side of your cheek where the tooth aches. Do this for several minutes or until the pain subsides. Do not take a cold beverage or apply ice directly on your tooth because this can aggravate the swelling. Do not consume hot foods and beverages, as they won’t help subside the toothache.

Rinse your Mouth with a Salt-Water Mixture

Add salt to a glass of water and let it dissolve. Then swish this mixture around your mouth. Do this several times until the pain subsides. Salt mixed in water is a great way to address mild infection and pain in the mouth.

Visit your Dentist as Soon as Possible

The dentist will know what to do to address your situation. He will determine the source of the toothache and tell you what needs to be done. Bear in mind that the above-mentioned toothache remedies are only temporary. If there is a major infection in the tooth, the pain will persist and further intensify. Here are possible treatments that the dentist may perform to restore your tooth to good health.

Root Canal Therapy – This is a treatment that involves the removal of the infected tooth pulp from inside the tooth’s inner chambers. This is an option when the infected tooth still has healthy tooth roots.

Tooth Extraction – The tooth needs to be removed when it can no longer be restored. The dentist will then talk with you about possible treatments to replace the extracted tooth.

Periodontal Therapy – If the toothache is caused by gum problems, the dentist will need to perform periodontal therapy to address the condition

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