How Nutrition Affects Your Smile

When it comes to maintaining your oral health, many of our South Austin patients think that there is little they can do beyond brushing and flossing on a daily basis.

When we think about our daily diet and how our choice of food affects our bodies, we rarely think of the impact that it has on our teeth. However, Dr. John Calvert is always trying to educate patients on how nutrition affects your smile.

A new study on the Academy of Nutrition’s website states that nutrition plays a huge role in the health of our teeth. In order to help you make the food choices that can give you a healthier smile, we’ve highlighted three big ways to optimize your oral health through your eating habits.

Eat fresh vegetables, cheese and yogurts- these foods have low sugar levels in them and therefore will cut down on the amount of cavities you will get.

Decrease the amount of acidic foods you eat- these foods include fruit juices, pickles, candies and wine. They can break down enamel, causing dental erosion, which leads to tooth decay.

Consume less sugary drinks. We know this can be hard for you soda-lovers but sugary soda drinks are just bad for your health- in every way. They are loaded with sugar and increase your chances of developing tooth decay.

Keeping your teeth healthy through smart food choices is easy! Cutting back on sugars and acids is good for your teeth and your overall health. To make sure that your smile is in tip-top shape always be sure to visit your dentist on a regular basis. To schedule your regular cleaning appointment and to prevent future problems, visit us at Smile Creations or call us today at (512) 280-8800.