Prevent Headaches With These Foods

When it comes to the most common disorders of the nervous system, headaches are at the top of the list. This particular ailment has become a common household phrase over the years and has been severely undertreated throughout the world. Not only do headaches cause victims a considerable amount of pain, but it also means that they are not able to enjoy many aspects of life. Several medical studies have found that those who suffer from regular migraine attacks have a worse quality of life than those who suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure or osteoarthritis.

Interestingly enough, according to The Headache Clinic, there are a number of foods that can work to prevent headaches and migraines. Here is a list of some of these “migraine-busting” foods.

  • Broccoli- this green veggie has high levels of magnesium. Magnesium is essential for muscle and nerve function. When the muscles and nerves of the face, neck and head are functioning properly this can greatly decrease your chance of developing a headache.
  • Milk- milk has a good amount of Vitamin B2 which creates energy for cells and in turn can prevent migraine attacks.
  • Whole grains- foods rich with whole grains carry a lot of Vitamin B6. This vitamin is responsible for carrying oxygen throughout the body. Getting adequate oxygen to the brain helps to prevent headaches.
  • Eggs- eggs contain omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 helps prevent headaches in a variety of ways such as assisting in brain function, decreasing stress and anxiety.

While these foods can help you to steer clear of your next headache, sometimes patients suffer from extremely painful headaches that can’t be avoided by eating certain foods. If nothing seems to help ease your pain, visit us at Smile Creations. At our office we understand that 85% of all headaches are caused by muscles in the neck or jaw area that become strained. Our treatment focuses on preventing these muscles from straining. We are committed to helping eradicate your headaches- so much so that we have a unique money back guarantee: if your headaches do not decrease or completely disappear after receiving our treatment, we will give you your money back! For more information on our treatment visit our office or call us today at (512) 280-8800.