Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore A Dental Emergency

As human beings, we all have a natural, intrinsic need to be happy. The desire to improve our quality of life is a force that drives us every day. When we encounter something that threatens our quality of life, we usually find ways to fix the problem. Dental emergencies are perfect examples of something that can affect our lifestyle. Undergoing a dental emergency is unfortunate but it is a real risk that we all face. Seeking emergency care is extremely important because it can help restore our health and happiness.

According to a scientific survey of 44 dental patients seeking emergency care, pain was the most common reason for their emergency visit. However, almost all the patients interviewed perceived that their quality of life would be lessened if they ignored the problem. And it’s no surprise that these patients felt this way. Oral health affects your general health and can negatively affect areas such as your speech, diet and appearance. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, don’t wait to seek treatment! Here is an up-close look at some of the ways that dental emergencies can affect your quality of life if they aren’t treated.

Speech- When you lose a tooth due to an accident or injury, the tongue is affected by the gap and can cause speech impediments. Additionally, if a missing tooth is not replaced (i.e. dental implants) this can cause the surrounding teeth to become misaligned which also affects your speech.

Diet- Again, when we experience a dental emergency it is often characterized by pain in the mouth and around the affected tooth (i.e. tooth infection). Sometimes, this pain can be so severe that eating can be painful. When patients ignore the emergency, they will find that their diet must change in order to accommodate the pain. For example, they may only be able to eat soft foods or liquids. Additionally, if a tooth is missing and not restored this can make it difficult to eat the foods you ate before the emergency. A drastic change in diet can be unhealthy and cause extreme weight loss.

Appearance- What many patients don’t realize is that ignoring a dental emergency can eventually change our facial appearance. For example, an untreated infection can slowly spread and begin damaging the jawbone. This will inevitably change the shape of your face. Additionally, if a missing tooth is not replaced it can create a “sunken in” look. Even worse, when the socket of a missing tooth is not filled, it stops jawbone growth, which alters the shape of your face.

At Smile Creations we offer same day emergency care. This means that we immediately provide care in the event of a dental emergency. Don’t put off treating an emergency. For more information on our emergency dentistry services visit our office or call us at (512) 280-8800.